I am a 🔞 creator. My artwork is cute & not necessarily sexual, but is still targeted to adults.
You assume full responsibility for sharing any of my content with minors.




digital multimedia :: vector art :: pixel art :: music :: game dev

Hello dreamers! I'm FibS. I'm a digital multimedia artist (no damn AI) and indie developer who believes erotica should not be reserved to "smut".Look below for my links and current projects!

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NSFW text adventure :: Windows only

Oh, that Eggman! He's always wakin' up some all-powerful ancient deity and making everyone else clean up after him!Unfortunately, this time he's awakened something called "The Prurience". Nobody's sure what that is, except that it's horny and Eggman and Sonic want none of it. Baldy McNosehair's flown the coop, while Sonic struggles with his personal boundaries.Guess some random prisoner's got to break out of custody and save the world again...

Made with Quest

Tame fantasy adventure :: Windows only (?)

This is the GameJam version for Fantasia's Fancy, made for the Zelda 4 Zelda GameJam.This game superficially resembles NES-style graphics and audio, and all controls are performed with direction + A + B + Start + Select, but the project otherwise does not closely emulate NES limitations. Most notably there is no limitation on polyphony at this time.Although the console chosen is the NES, the gameplay is more closely based on Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons for the GameBoy Color.

Made with Godot 4

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